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This is a description of twenty homeopathic remedies for common ailments. See other posts in this blog to view othe remedies. On any particular post search the page for the word describing your ailment, and choose the medicine that appears to be the best fit. Medicines mentioned here do not show any strong reaction. So you can use them without fear.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Apis Mellifica

Apis Mellifica (Apis Mel) - 6

Apis works especially well on insect bites. It heals inflammation, burning, swelling and any pain akin to a sting, problems of breathing, miscarriage, fever, urine, menstrual complaints, inflammation in the breasts and pain during intercourse. It works well on the right side of the body. When the pain spreads form right to left, Apis is effective.

Nature of Patient: A person suited for Apis expects high standards and may be irritable and hard to please. Would like to organize others and be possessive of his/her domain tending to be jealous of any one new. Seems to be rushing around and working very hard but may achieve little.

Mind: The patient keeps crying and whining day in and day out without any cause. Sudden screams. Movement is awkward, drops things. Cannot study. Has little enthusiasm, is very unhappy and develops a stupid, doubting or jealous nature. Feels as if about to die.

Headache: Throbbing and distensive pain worse on motion but better with pressure. Bores head into the pillow and screams.

Eyes: The eyes are swollen and the lower lid becomes swollen like a water bag. There is piercing pain. Apis works well on styes also.

Throat: There is inflammation of the throat, uvula and tonsils, and the patient feels as if something is stuck inside. Throat is swollen from outside as well. There is constriction and stinging pain.

Diarrhoea: Involuntary passing of stools whenever the person moves. Anus seems open. Cholera infantum. Cannot urinate without passing stool.

Piles: Piles with stinging pain or the patient develops piles after childbirth

Urine: Pain and burning while urinating. Intense pain in the last few drops. The urine is scanty and dark. The patient does not have full control over urine.

Respiration: Difficulty in breathing. The breath is hurried. The patient feels as if he is suffocating and will not be able to draw another breath. There is an attack of dry cough or swelling in the larynx.

Extremities: There is swelling and inflammation in the joints. The back as well as the limbs hurt. The patient feels tired and bruised. There is stinging pain in the knees which are swollen and turn shiny red. Legs are stiff. Numbness in fingers and hands.

Skin: Small papules all over the body. They may not be visible but one can feel them. Urticaria all over the body which is better in the cold.

Insect Bite: When the bite hurts, swells up and burns like the sting of a bee.

Oedema: Pitting oedema on the hands and feet. The whole body as well as the face is swollen. Uvula is also swollen and looks like a bag of water. Sudden puffing up of the whole body.

Pain and burning: Any illness, in which there is stinging pain and burning sensation in the body, as in small pox, measles, allergy and urticaria, insect bites, cases of allergy and cancer where these symptoms are found will respond to Apis.

Women’s reproductive system: Albumin in urine during pregnancy. Uterus is inflamed and there is stinging pain. There is swelling and stinging pain in the labia. Cold water reduces discomfort. Cysts or inflammation particularly in the right ovary. Very painful periods. The periods are irregular or stop all of a sudden. Pain during intercourse. Inflammation in the breast, pain in the ovary and oedema in the body before and during periods. Miscarriage during the second, third or fourth month of pregnancy.

Aggravation: The complaints become worse in a warm room, by heat in any form, late afternoon, on touching and after sleeping.

Amelioration: The patient feels better in the outside cool air, by bathing in cold water and by uncovering the body.


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