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This is a description of twenty homeopathic remedies for common ailments. See other posts in this blog to view othe remedies. On any particular post search the page for the word describing your ailment, and choose the medicine that appears to be the best fit. Medicines mentioned here do not show any strong reaction. So you can use them without fear.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum Album (Arsenic Alb) - 30

It works well in all severe diseases and when there is burning any where in the body that is ameliorated by heat. Arsenic Alb is especially useful in cases of asthma, cold, diarrhoea, food poisoning, fever and debility. It works well in cellulitis, rickets, depression, suicidal tendencies and excessive bleeding, dark spots on the skin, weakness and cancer. It is good for ailments caused by consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Nature of the patient: Arsenic Alb is suited for a person who is precise, meticulous and loathes disorder. He/she is immaculately dressed. May be miserly, selfish, malicious and cowardly. Is financially insecure and worries about health. Complaints return annually. It helps in the case of all prevailing debility, restlessness and exhaustion with nightly aggravation.

Mind: Patient is afraid of death. He is despondent and feels that his condition will never improve His illness is sure to result in death and hence there is no point in taking medicines. He is afraid of being alone, of being attacked when alone. The fear becomes worse in the dark. Changes place continuously. Hallucinations of smells and sight.

Headache: There is recurring headache at definite intervals, characterized by burning and restlessness. The skin is cold and clammy. The patient is restless. Pouring cold water over the head gives relief.

Eyes: Burning in eyes with acrid lachrymation. Oedema around eyes.

Cold: There is excoriating watery discharge. The patient sneezes constantly. The nose is blocked. Hay fever. The patient is better indoors.

Mouth: Metallic taste. Pain in the teeth. Bloody saliva. The patient has ulcers in the mouth or bleeding gums. The mouth smells foul.

Thirst: The patient is constantly thirsty but drinks only a little quantity at a time.

Vomiting: There is nausea after eating. The patient cannot even tolerate the smell of food. Is very thirsty but unable to even retain a spoon of water. Arsenic Alb is good for cases of vomiting due to food poisoning.

Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea is caused by consumption of spoilt food or drinks or food poisoning. The stool is dark and foul-smelling.

Piles: The patient has pain while moving but not while passing stool. There is burning in anus that is relieved by hot fomentation.

Urine: Diabetes. Scanty. Burning. Involuntary. Weakness after urination. Bladder feels paralyzed. Albumin, epithelial cells and fibrin in the urine.

Discharges: All discharges are dark, excoriating and have a rotten smell.

Asthma: The attack starts at midnight. The patient has difficulty in inhaling and a burning sensation in the chest. He gets relief on holding the chest and bending forward. The symptoms become worse with consumption of cold drinks or from exposure to cold.

Heart: Irritable heart in smokers and tobacco chewers.

Sciatica: Burning sciatic pain on the right side that is relieved by hot fomentation.
Paralysis: Paralysis and emaciation of the lower limbs.

Skin: The skin is rough, dry and scaly. The patient has dandruff. Skin is covered with pustules that burn. There are premature wrinkles on the skin. There is such severe itching that scratching leads to open wounds. Works or Anthrax and psoriasis.

Gangrene: Any limb of a diabetic turns gangrenous. Discharge from the wound is foul-smelling. Ulcers on heels.

Oedema: There is pitting oedema on the arms, legs and feet. There is oedema on the face and under the eyes.

Burning Sensation: Arsenic is indicated in all cases where there is a marked burning sensation. Despite the burning the patient finds relief with heat. Even with burning in stomach the patient desires and feels better with hot tea or milk. The only exception is burning in head in which case the patient wants to pour cold water over the head.

Anaemia: Along with anaemia the patient has oedema on the hands and feet, on the face as well as under the eyes.

Cancer: It helps maintain the system under the stress of malignancy. It reduces the pain in cases of breast and uterine cancer.

Fever: Whenever the patient’s condition takes a turn for the worse, regardless of the nature of the ailment. In the case of allergy or hay fever when there is profuse watering of eyes and nose. Fever due to an infection. High fever. Intermittent fever.

Prophylaxis: It acts as a prophylactic against cholera, hay fever and measles.

Vital force: There is extreme weakness and loss of vitality. The patient loses weight continuously, though slowly. Weakness and worry of the old people respond well to Arsenic.
Sleep: sleeping sickness. Suffocative fits during sleep.

Women’s reproductive system: Short cycle with heavy bleeding. Vaginal discharges are copious, thin, foul-smelling and excoriating. The discharge leaves yellow stains on clothing and may be mixed with blood. Excessive discharge causes weakness. There is cervical erosion. The vagina is dry, itchy and burns. There is ulceration in the external genitalia. Arsenic Alb may be used for haemorrhage or sepsis after delivery. It works well in case there is albumin in urine during pregnancy. Give it if the woman is unable to pass urine after childbirth.

Men’s reproductive system: The penis is so swollen that it looks like a bag of water. Arsenic works on the swelling of testes also.

Aggravation: In damp weather, after midnight or at noon, in cold or from consuming cold food and drinks the patient becomes worse.

Amelioration: The patient is better with hot drinks, heat, and on raising his head.


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