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This is a description of twenty homeopathic remedies for common ailments. See other posts in this blog to view othe remedies. On any particular post search the page for the word describing your ailment, and choose the medicine that appears to be the best fit. Medicines mentioned here do not show any strong reaction. So you can use them without fear.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Belladonna - 30

It works well on complaints brought on suddenly, congestion and inflammation anywhere in the body, in tonsillitis, headache, hypertension, fever, burning sensation, skin troubles, stomach problems women’s reproductive complaints, piles urinary complaints cough, epilepsy and cramps in children and conjunctivitis. It is especially good in conditions affecting the right side of the body, for pain and for complaints of children. It is also a good remedy for mania.

Mind: When the patient is in an aggressive state, tries to run away, bites and spits and attacks those who look after him. The patient sees imaginary animals and ghosts. The condition of the patient keeps changing. The patient is better after eating something. Does not like to talk.

Headache: Pain in the right side of the head, or due to a suppressed cold. It decreases when the patient bends forward and tilts his head. It increases on lying down, in bright light and in the afternoon.

Congestion: Head, chest, joints, or other parts are congested with blood. The affected limb turns red and hot. Congestion causes epilepsy, pain, mania or irritation. Congestion of blood in head or chest leading to a rise in blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure: Belladonna works well in cases of high blood pressure. Pulse rate and intensity go up with rise in blood pressure and the patient feels giddy.

Eyes: Pain, inflammation, redness and burning in the eyes. The eyes feel hot and as if there is a foreign body inside. Both eyes water. Photophobia. While reading, the lines do not appear to be straight. Fall in vision or sudden loss of sight. Inflammation in the optic nerve or the retina.

Ears: Ear is inflamed and extremely painful but there is no pus or discharge. Sensitive to loud noise. Hearing very acute.

Nose: Imaginary smells.

Mouth: The mouth is dry but there is no thirst. Taste is dulled. Stammering. The tongue feels weak and is swollen and red.

Throat: The throat is red and the tonsils are enlarged. The patient has difficulty in swallowing liquids. The throat feels raw. There is difficulty in bringing out phlegm. The throat hurts and the patient loses his voice. The hoarseness comes on very fast and the patient has difficulty in breathing. Asthma may accompany sore throat.

Abdomen: Intermittent pain that varies in intensity. The patient does not allow any pressure to be put on the abdomen. The pain increases on touching as also with pressure. The patient has great thirst for cold water but is afraid that it may not be retained.

Appendicitis: Sudden pain in the right side of the abdomen with high fever.

Piles: Burning and extreme pain in the piles. The patient cannot tolerate the slightest touch. Lying down with legs spread out gives some relief. Prolapse of anus.

Urine: At the start of urinary infection when the patient is unable to pass urine or it comes out only in drops. Inflammation in the bladder or urinary tract. Incontinence, that is worse on movement. There is an urgency to pass urine. Dreams of urinating and actually does so in sleep. There is infection and blood in the urine. Throbbing pain in the urethra. Continuous urination or frequent and profuse urination.

Cough: Dry cough worse at night. The patient gets relief when some phlegm is expelled. Trachea is dry, itchy and sore. Sensation of a lump in the throat. Cough sometimes leads to vomiting. In pneumonia and pleurisy, the patient is unable to turn on the affected side and is in tremendous pain.

Heart: Violent palpitations reverberating in the head. Throbbing through the body.

Spondylosis: Neck becomes stiff and the glands in the neck are swollen. There is so much pain that the patient feels that his neck will break.

Backache: Pain in the lower back that spreads to hips and thighs. Slipped disc. Pain in the dorsal region.

Cramps: When children get cramps in any part of the body. Belladonna works well in epilepsy also.

Arthritis: All or many of the joints are red, swollen and burn and are painful. Touch and movement cause excruciating pain. Sudden inflammation of joints due to exposure to cold.

Skin: The skin is dry, hot, swollen and red. It has papules and burns. Alternate redness and paleness of the skin.

Fever: The fever is due to exposure to cold wind or from keeping the head uncovered. The patient feels cold in the evening with sudden rise in temperature. Eyes and face turn red. The fall of temperature is equally fast. Fever during dentition. Appetite is maintained during fever and the patient craves for lemons. Feet remain cold. No thirst. Fever is accompanied by delirium.

Measles: Shiny red papules on the skin. The skin is hot and dry. There is congestion of blood in the head. The throat hurts.

Sleep: Is restless and has nightmares. Sees arson. Screams, shouts and talks in sleep. Grits his teeth. Gets startled during sleep or while falling asleep. Sleepless but feels drowsy. Is delirious while asleep.

Women’s reproductive system: Pain in the uterus or ovaries that increases on movement. The uterus is enlarged and sensitive to touch. Menstrual discharge is heavy and clotted. The blood is bright red in colour and may be foul-smelling. A clot reaches the uterine opening and the uterus expels it through labour like contractions and bleeding follows. Bleeding during miscarriage also follows this same pattern. Woman feels very tired during periods. Belladonna is useful in painful periods also. It works in case of threatened abortion and in controlling bleeding after miscarriage or childbirth. There is prolapse of uterus and the uterus can be seen outside. The woman feels worse while standing. Tumours, pain and swelling in the breast. Backache during pregnancy. Belladonna eases the labour of relatively older women and convulsions during labour. Difficulty in expulsion of the placenta after childbirth. The uterus does not contract fully after delivery. Blood feels hot. The breasts are inflamed and hard after delivery and the woman is not even able to turn on her side, her face is red and she has fever.

Men’s reproductive system: There is inflammation in the testes. They are hard and turn red. There is pain in the testes that appears and disappears all of a sudden. Night sweat in the genitalia.

Aggravation: Touch, breeze and noise cause aggravation. The troubles increase on lying down and the patient is worse from afternoon to midnight.

Amelioration: Bending forward slightly gives relief.


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