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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Carbo Vegetabilis

Carbo Vegetabilis (Carbo Veg) – 200

Carbo Veg can restore the life of a patient on his deathbed by restoring his vital force. It works well in case of weakness, fullness and flatulence, cholera and breathing problems, ulcers in the mouth, gangrene and cholera.

Nature of the patient: The patient is run down, weak and exhausted especially after surgery or a debilitating illness. Lacks power of concentration and has lapses of memory. There is no interest in the news about the wider world. Attitudes are fixed. Has chronic complaints and is sluggish, lazy and fat.

Mind: Sudden loss of memory. The patient has a dislike of the dark and a fear of ghosts. Has very mild likes and dislikes. Is highly fatigued mentally and only wishes to lie down and sleep. Lazy and sluggish.

Mental symptoms of children: Child lacks energy and falls behind in its class. Wakes up startled at night, and refuses to sleep alone. Is afraid of entering a dark room alone.

Headache: Headache on account of any excess or a cold. Eyes also hurt along with head. It feels as if someone is hammering the head. Pain in the occiput. Head is heavy, hot and burns.

Hair: Hair falls in clumps, and there are boils on the scalp.

Eyes: Black spots before the eyes. Eyes burn, lack lustre, appear sunken and are tired and painful.

Ears: Excoriating, watery and foul-smelling discharge from the ear especially after fevers like measles and malaria. The ear feels blocked and there is ulcer in the inner ear.

Mouth: The tongue is coated white or yellowish-brown and full of purple ulcers. The gums are swollen, painful and retracted. There is pus in the gums and they bleed easily. The roots of the teeth are exposed and they become loose. The patient is worse after consuming hot, cold or salted food. The mouth is dry.

Throat: Sticky bloodstained phlegm in the throat. Laryngitis from overexertion. Voice fails at the slightest exertion.

Digestion: Sour eructation after eating. Cramps in the chest. There is nausea in the morning along with heartburn. Food stays undigested in the stomach. Worse on lying down. Belching gives temporary relief. Likes heavy food, coffee and intoxicating drinks. Dislikes nutritious food and craves strange things.

Abdomen: The abdomen is bloated and filled with gas. Foul-smelling flatus. The liver is enlarged and tender. Gas produces shifting pain. There is burning in the abdomen.

Diarrhoea: Motions are full of gas and foul-smelling. There is burning, itching and redness at the anus. Involuntary stools with cadaverous odour.

Cough: Whooping cough. Every movement causes a coughing fit. There is burning in chest along with cough. Cough increases in the evening, in the open air, after meals and from speaking. Whistling and rattling in the chest. The face turns blue. The patient wants to be fanned vigorously. Choking on lying down. Carbo Veg is useful in asthma in hot and humid weather and in old cases of pneumonia.

Bleeding: When veins are weakened and the bleeding does not stop in the normal course. The blood is dark red. Nosebleeds every day.

Weakness: The patient’s body turns cold. There is profuse cold sweat all over. It is difficult to find the pulse. The patient is very weak and on the deathbed. The head is hot but the extremities are cold. Veins are swollen. Carbo Veg works well for old people who have become very weak. It is also useful for young people who are weak and for those who have aged prematurely.

Extremities: There is no strength in the muscles of arms and legs. The limbs and veins are swollen and cold. The veins are inflamed or there are varicose ulcers on the legs that refuse to heal or dry up. The side on which the patient lies becomes numb.

Skin: The skin is cold. The smallest injury leads to bleeding. The wound does not dry easily. Carbuncles.

Gangrene: The person lacks energy. Wounds do not heal and lead to gangrene.

Infection: There is infection in the body after surgery and the skin turns red and blue.

Cholera: it is the most important medicine for cholera. The patient has pain in abdomen, diarrhoea, vomiting and acidity. There is cold sweat on the forehead and the body turns blue. The patient is too weak to even turn in the bed. Alternates between consciousness and unconsciousness. The patient wants the windows open and fan turned on.

Sleep: The patient is so full of worries while sleeping that sleep is not refreshing. Ghosts appear in dreams. Has nightmares and wakes up suddenly wet with sweat. Is anxious and feels suffocated in the dark. Afraid of falling asleep.

Women’s reproductive system: Early menopause. There is excessive white discharge just before menstruation and burning in hands and feet. Prolonged menses, the bleeding is not heavy. The discharge is dark and foul-smelling. Similar discharge after childbirth also. The woman feels as if her uterus is going to come out. If the uterus loses its tone and does not contract after childbirth but the bleeding is not excessive then Carbo Veg will help in the expulsion of the placenta. There is excessive nausea and gas problem during pregnancy and the woman develops varicose veins. Acrid, excoriating, green or blood-mixed vaginal discharge. Insufficient breast milk. The mother feels tired on feeding the baby.

Men’s reproductive system: Wet feeling and itching between the testicles and the thighs. Loss of erection. Involuntary discharge while passing stool.

Aggravation: In the evening, at night, in the open air, after eating fatty food, drinking coffee, milk or alcohol and in warm and moist weather, the patient feels worse.

Amelioration: The patient is better in cold weather, on being fanned vigourously, from fasting and after eructation.


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