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This is a description of twenty homeopathic remedies for common ailments. See other posts in this blog to view othe remedies. On any particular post search the page for the word describing your ailment, and choose the medicine that appears to be the best fit. Medicines mentioned here do not show any strong reaction. So you can use them without fear.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hepar Sulphuris

Hepar Sulphuris (Hepar Sulph) – 200

Hepar Sulph works against all infections and is the ultimate homoeopathic medicine in this regard. Boils and other infectious cases normally considered fit for a surgical intervention, respond to it. It is also useful in certain cases of cough and cold, asthma, women’s reproductive problems, and infections related to the tonsils.

Nature of the patient: Difficult to please and takes easy offense. They make difficult patients who hate disturbance and noise and feel their ailment acutely. They make unreasonable demands and dislike being touched. They tend to be lethargic and have a pale skin. They display an outward calm but are restless and agitated. They feel that life has been harsh to them.
Mind: The patient gets irritated by small things, speaks very fast and thinks of committing suicide. While angry, he does not even hesitate before wishing to murder his best friend.
Head: Vertigo on shaking head. Pain in the right temple every morning.

Eyes: Corneal ulcers. Purulent conjunctivitis.

Ears: Discharge of pus from the ears. Deafness after scarlet fever.
Mouth: Crack on the middle of the lower lip, excessive salivation and bleeding gums that are sore to touch.

Cold and cough: The larynx and the trachea are inflamed. The patient is unable to speak and finds it difficult to breathe and a mucous membrane is formed on the trachea. There is dry cough, which is worse in the morning and on exposure to cold air. Runny nose and sneezing. Nasal discharge later becomes thick and smells like rotten cheese. Sinusitis. A child has a coughing fit in the middle of the night and is unable to breathe and wakes up feeling frightened.
Throat: Tonsils are swollen. Difficulty in swallowing and a sensation of a plug or a splinter in the throat. Pain on swallowing radiates to the ear.

Abdomen: Abdomen is so bloated that the patient has to loosen his clothes. The stomach feels heavy even after eating just a small quantity. Burning in the stomach after eating.

Liver: The patient has jaundice and tenderness in liver (right side of the abdomen just under the ribs). There is stitching pain in the liver while coughing, walking or on touch. Hepatitis. Abscess in the liver.

Urine: The bladder is weak. The flow of urine is weak and slow. A man’s urine has no force and falls straight on the ground. After urination the patient feels that the bladder is not completely empty.

Asthma: Attacks of asthma in dry weather. Coughing accompanies the attack. The cough tires the patient out. The patient is unable to expel the phlegm even though it is loose. He is sensitive to cold and wants to be heavily clothed and sleep in a warm room. Child has difficulty in breathing and feels suffocated.

Skin: The slightest cut turns septic. There is a tendency to get boils in the folds of the skin under the joints such as under the arms or at the back of the knee. The patient has painful boils and cysts on the ovaries, genitalia or between the thighs. Herpes, Repeated bouts of urticaria and excessive sweating. Acne in youth. Chapped skin with deep cracks in hands and feet. Small pox. Wants to be wrapped up warmly.

Foreign body: Hepar will remove any foreign body like a thorn or a needle stuck in the skin or under the skin.

Nails: Pus formation on the fingertips and at the root of the nails. Nails become loose and fall. They become so brittle and weak that they break. It feels as if a splinter is stuck in the nail. Nail of the big toe is very painful on slight pressure.

Boils: Boil is hot and inflamed that the patient won’t allow it to be touched.

Infections: Hepar sulf works on all infections of mucus membranes anywhere in the body. It works on conjunctivitis, ear infections, bladder injuries and diarrhoea caused by infection in the intestines. It is effective on infection of any gland as well.

Women’s reproductive system: Vaginal discharge is excoriating and has an extremely sour smell. Painful abscess on the labia. There is itching in the external genitalia and the nipples during menstruation. Menses are scanty and delayed. There is profuse sweating during menopause. Abscess on the breast.
Aggravation: The patient is worse in dry cold air, on exposure to cold, while undressing in winter, if the boil is touched and on lying down on the affected side.

Amelioration: The patient feels better in warm and moist weather, after meals and with the head covered.


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