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This is a description of twenty homeopathic remedies for common ailments. See other posts in this blog to view othe remedies. On any particular post search the page for the word describing your ailment, and choose the medicine that appears to be the best fit. Medicines mentioned here do not show any strong reaction. So you can use them without fear.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mercurius Solubilis

Mercurius Solubilis (Merc Sol) – 200

Merc Sol works especially well on ulcers and inflammation, cold, diarrhoea, rheumatic pain and problems of the eyes and throat. It is useful in rickets, cellulitis and syphilis. The patient is unable to withstand excessive heat or cold.

Nature of Patient: These people are insecure though outwardly calm. They are cautious and reserved with others. They measure their words and consider what they are about to say to the extent that the conversation becomes laboured.

Mind: The patient is slow in answering questions. Loss of memory and willpower. Is tired of life and feels that he is losing his reason. Unable to trust others.

Head: One-sided tearing pain. Vertigo on lying down. Eruptions on the scalp.

Eyes: The eyelids are red, inflamed and thick. There is profuse acrid discharge. Corneal ulcers. Black spots before the eyes after exposure to glare.

Ears: Thick yellow discharge from the ear. The patient has a boil on the outer ear. The ear is painful and the trouble becomes worse at night or with the warmth of the bed.

Cold: Thick, yellowish-green, foul-smelling and corrosive discharge. Much burning and itching in the nose. Headache. The nose is blocked. Sneezing in the sun. There is ulceration inside the nose. The nasal bone hurts.

Nosebleed: The nose bleeds at night.

Face: Pale, dirty looking and puffy. Aching in the bones. Syphilitic pustules on the face.

Mouth: Excessive saliva constantly in the mouth and an odour of decay pervades the whole room. Despite salivation, the patient is constantly thirsty. Trembling of the tongue causes problems of speech. There is ulceration in the mouth.

Toothache: Toothache at night. The teeth feel loose and elongated. The gums are swollen and bleed easily. The roots of the teeth separate for the gums. Chewing, and even touch are painful. Toothache accompanies old case of gout. Teeth rot and there is pus in the roots.

Throat: Burning and inflammation in the throat, which may turn red and blue. Ulceration. Neck glands are swollen. Complaints follow every change in weather. The patient is unable to speak and constantly wants to swallow something. Pain radiates to the ear. Right side is more severely affected. There may be pus formation and difficulty in swallowing. Complete loss of voice.

Stomach: Food regurgitates. Hiccups. Continuous hunger.

Liver: The liver is enlarged, hard and tender. There is jaundice.

Diarrhoea: The stool is green, thin and mixed with blood. Feeling of incomplete evacuation. The pain and the frequency of motions also increase at night. Whitish gray stools.

Urine: The patient has a frequent desire to urinate. At the start of urination, the urethra burns. Urine is dark, scanty, and blood-mixed and contains albumin.
Respiratory: Cannot lie on the right side due to soreness. Cough worse at night in the warmth of the bed.

Backache: Pain near the coccyx, especially while sitting.

Extremities: Extreme weakness and pain in the bones. Trembling in the hands. Feet and legs are swollen.

Skin: There is severe itching in the whole body that gets worse in bed. There are small pustules all over the body especially in the scalp that burn. Copper coloured boils erupt anywhere on the body. The patient has weeping or foul-smelling eczema. The skin remains moist all the time. Free perspiration ameliorates.

Measles: The patient has frequent bouts of sneezing. Nasal discharge is either thick or watery. Tonsils are enlarged and there is burning in the chest.

Fever: Fever is accompanied by gastric symptoms. Yellow perspiration. Perspiration does not bring relief. Chilliness is worse in the evening.

Women’s reproductive system: Menstruation is scanty or profuse, clotted and excoriating with itching in the genitalia. Breast and abdomen are painful during periods. Leucorrhoea is thin, excoriating, and green in colour and may be mixed with blood. Reproductive organs feel raw. Stinging pain in the ovaries. It is useful for cervical erosion as well as in uterine and breast cancer. Pain in abdomen or swelling in the genitalia during pregnancy.

Men’s reproductive system: It is especially useful in ulcers over the prepuce and glans and in sexually transmitted diseases. There is irritation and itching in prepuce, increased libido, painful erection, night emission and the semen is bloodstained.

Aggravation: The patient feels worse at night, in cold and damp weather, from sleeping on the right side, in a hot room or bed or from sweating.

Amelioration: Resting and crying gives relief.


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